The biggest storage in the industry & unlimited bandwidth

We have the largest storage in the industry, with the best of breed Dell servers and huge ram specs at affordable prices.


In such a crowded marketplace, we know you have to stand out to succeed…

THE Storage Kings

We offer the largest storage in the hosting industry 6TB of storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth and 1gbs ports available

Top Class Support

We know having the best best hardware and network is half the battle, we pride our selves on having quick , polite support.

Software Options

Loads of options:- Cpanel, Litespeed, NGNIX, Varnish and Apache

UK Hosted

Your data is safe with us, super fast UK fully owned infrastructure

2 Hour Build Times

We offer a 2 hour build time on most servers. These are real servers with no visualisation layer.

Ready to order your new server?