How long will it take to set up my server?

Place a default specification order with Centos and we guarantee your system will be delivered within a 2 hour window if ordered between 8am and 3pm weekdays

For all custom orders we guarantee fast delivery as per the table below:

Order by 9am – Receive Same Day by 3pm
Order by 12pm – Receive Same Day by 6pm
Order by 3pm – Receive Next Day by 9pm
Order by 9pm – Receive Next Day by 1pm

Delivery guarantee does not apply to items out of stock or servers. If additional ID is required the time will be based on the time the ID is accepted. If we fail to meet our delivery guarantee we promise to offer a free 5 days credit to your server when requested within 28 days. Guarantee applies to first server ordered per day per customer.

How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?

As many as you want – there are no limits on the number of websites you can host on a dedicated server. It is worth considering how busy each site is though vs your cpu and ram specifications.

Do I need an IP number for every website I host?

One IP number can be used to host an unlimited number of websites.

How many Ipv4 do I get?

Standard servers come with one IP, extra IP’s can be added at time of order or via our customer portal.

What happens if the server hardware fails or developes a fault?

Servers Unlimited is responsible for the hardware so if a fault ever develops we will repair or replace the server free of charge.

How do I add a website to my new server

Servers Unlimited can provide you with CPanel so you can easily manage your websites, email and databases. Of you can add any other control panel you need like Plesk, Webmin or set everything up separately with no control panel

What if I break the operating system and the server does not boot?

Because all customers have unrestricted access to their server’s operating system, mistakes can be made. Servers Unlimited is not responsible for fixing software related problems. However you can ask one of our experienced server technicians to help you resolve problems at the rate of £65 per hour + VAT, or to simply reinstall the operating system at a flat rate of £80 + VAT

What software can I install?

Anything you need,  as long as it is not illegal in the UK.

Can I use my server for sending emails?

Yes you can use your server for sending emails

Do you offer cPanel

Yes we do offer cPanel on our servers as an optional extra

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